Mobile Navigation App on Android.

A smart phone is potentially packed with sensors and Delphi claims to provide cross platform access to those sensors. I have been examining the possibilities and publishing some code however I now concede it will never be a killer app. 

This project was aimed at discovering this capability and what can be achieved. A number of libraries have been developed in the process of looking at Mobile sensors. The plan was always to make the application and libraries available as open source on GitHub. At this stage I do not have a successful Application or even a workable one.

The newer phone versions make it harder to do this stuff. Most importantly at this stage I cannot stop the phone going into sleep mode and so aborting any attempt to follow a track or average a location.

I will probably not continue to chase my original goal of a useful navigation application. I have learned a lot however and have attempted to codify those lessons in templates and code libraries for future use.

Code Libraries published on GITHib

•IsNavUtils – Provides a RNavigateLongLat record to manipulate Longitude and Latitude references and the functions and constants required to achieve this.

•IsMobileSensors – My implementation of Delphi access to Mobile sensors. The code includes “dummy” sensors which allows code logic to be tested on Windows machines where no GPS sensors exists.

•IsPermissions – Codifying my way of dealing with Mobile permissions

•IsFmxGraphics – Two objects TIsGraphics and TNavGraphics used to plot a series on GPS locations an a canvas for examination.

Templates and Sample Applications

•SensorTabbedFormwithNavigation – Based on the TTabbedwithNavigationForm Template in Tokyo and extended to improve gesture support and to prevent inadvertent application closure.

•AndroidExamineSensors Program – Should Compile and run on Android 5.1 and above and on Windows with dummy sensor input.

•GoogleDirections – Simple sample program jumping from Delphi to Google Maps


Detailed Information

GitHub Repository

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