DUnit on an Android Device

Delphi for Mobiles comes with a new compiler. To port existing code confidently to that platform it is good if you can just rerun your original unit tests. This has been achieved by converting the single DUnit form from VCL to FireMonkey

A FireMonkey Version of Dunit Testing Which Should work on any Platform
Originally presented to ADUG http://docs.innovasolutions.com.au/Docs/ADUGDelphi/ADUGDecember2014.html at a stage where it had been tested on Win32, Win64 and Mac OS this code has been further advanced so that it now works on Android devices and is available on GitHub.

Modifications  were required because the of the limited file handling on these devices and the removal of AnsiString from the NextGen compiler. All menus also had to be removed due to the lack of Menu components on Mobile Devices.

This version also does away with the requirement for a startup screen and a modal show of the Gui form.

For a new project make GUITestRunnerFMXMobile the main form, Include the Libraries in the search and add your test code to the project.

The files FMXListBoxLib and FMXTreeViewLib contain extensions to FireMonkey componants required to interface with TFMXImageList and the DUnit Gui Code. The Style File StylesForDUnitMobileForm contains the related style changes.
To be able to view and change the GUITestRunnerFMXMobile you will have to add the two package files in the Imagelist BPLs https://github.com/rogerinnova/Delphi-Firemonkey-Dunit/tree/master/Imagelistpkg

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