A Database of the Australian Federal Parliamentary Members

It is one of the great things about Delphi that you are able to keep enhancing and reusing the same code base so my latest project builds on many years of software development. I had an obsession with the engineering and science representation with our parliament and thought I would use Delphi to analyse the CVs of our MPs and publish the results.
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Innova Solutions Object DB Now Supports Mobile

Finally I have Innova Object DCUs for all platforms. I have been able to test on Android and the iOS Simulator. DCUs for other iOS platforms are provided but as yet are not tested. These are available for both Berlin and Seattle versions.
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Innova Solutions Object Database – Delphi DCUs

Delphi as a product provides easy integration with various relational databases for storing your data but there are other alternatives.

Innova Solutions generally chooses not to use a standard relational database but persists business objects in an “Object” database implementation.
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