Hacking Delphi to Let Older Phones Work with Tokyo.

As explained earlier a Galaxy Pocket Neo (GT-S5310B) enabled testing of normal FMX form applications in Seattle and Berlin but did not render 3D applications correctly. While the Android version is claimed as still supported In Tokyo in fact the simplest form application fails to render and terminates.
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Problems Connecting Android Devices to Delphi – Tokyo

I recently ran into head winds making use of my newly acquired Mobile Development environment on Tokyo. In this article I explain some of these issues and how they were finally resolved in the hope it might help others.
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Under “AutoRefCount” Pointers, Records and Integers clash with “Object” Properties

Integers Stored in a components “Objects” field and the use of Dynamic Records, ClassReferences and Pointers enables developers to extend components beyond the “Data Aware” mindset of basic Delphi. These original building blocks of the Pascal Language became to be considered “Unsafe” tricks and porting such code to the latest “NextGen” compiler environment becomes problematic.
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AnsiString on an Android Device

The Delphi NextGen compiler does not support AnsiString. Much of Innova Solutions library and Object Database code planned for porting to mobile devices makes heavy use of the very flexible AnsiString implementation of a string consisting of simple (8bit) bytes. An AnsiString implementation was critical to any attempt to port the code.
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Delphi Multiplatform and The New Compiler

I was excited when Delphi introduced FireMonkey and added the ability to cross compile and debug on Win64, Mac OS and mobile platforms. I saw it as an opportunity to leverage massive libraries into new environments. The foremost technology was my Object Database which was standard Delphi but originally used some Windows APIs for communications. Changing the communications to Indy was put on the TODO list and I purchased a Mac to get a Mac OS platform.

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