Delphi 3D – Moving a Control “Forward”

When we first looked at moving the camera or another 3D object we thought left was step negative X and Up was step negative Y and forward was step plus Z. If you want to reorient this object then in fact it is not so easy. In the case of our camera we want it to travel forward and backward along the local Z axis which is not the same as incrementing the global Z value.

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Delphi 3D – Align Camera to Origin

While the Camera used in the IDE the “Design Camera” always points to the origin [0,0,0] because of the way it is created any arbitrary camera created at any position on the form could point anywhere. It was useful to provide a routine to automate this process.
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Delphi 3D – Camera with “Heads Up” Display

When allowing a user to control or move the camera in a 3D scene it is useful to have some form of “Heads Up” or “dashboard” display to provide feedback to the user about the orientation etc. of the camera. We wrap all this up in a single “AssignFlyingCameraToForm” procedure.

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A “Flying Camera” or “First Person Shooter”

When I read about Delphi 3D in “FireMonkey Development for IOS and OSX with Delphi XE2” I was excited about the described ability to move the “camera” around in the 3D scene. Given that my then 11 year old grandson had whacked together a credible solar system scene in an afternoon moving the camera seemed to offer great possibilities. Continue reading “A “Flying Camera” or “First Person Shooter””